Kevin Kardon

My art career started when I was but a toddler and my parents found, to their dismay, that I had written what could only be described as hieroglyphics in permanent marker all over the walls. I continued to make them, but at my parents request I moved to less damaging surfaces on which I could draw them. We are still finding them to this day on random boxes throughout the house.


As I grew older I became fascinated with monsters and I drew them constantly. You could find them on most of my school papers and my teachers often found them interesting. Now I am here to bring my monsters to the world, whether it's ready for them or not.

My main motivation behind my work is my fascination with monsters. They represent a lot about the human psyche and have been alongside us for the entirety of our history. Their twisted and macabre forms are an intense expression of emotion and various concepts. I almost never plan my monsters ahead of time, they are often improvisational and I almost never know what one will look like until it is done. In fact I sometimes find that planning the monster ahead of time proves to be a detriment to my work, although I can still do so. I look forward to sharing a bit of my madness with all of you.